Semi permanent lips & eyeliner


As we get older our lips shrink and lose shape, those of us who suffer with cold sores will also find a loss in our lips natural lines. Semi permanent make-up will give your lips beautiful look throughout the whole day, without being necessary to correct your make-up after eating , doing sports or kissing.

We will carefully blend pigments with your natural lip colour so your new look complements your skin tone and ensure there are no harsh outlines. Our advanced techniques can correct the shape of your lips to make them look more balanced and symmetrical. We can also add definition to the edge of your lips to minimize the appearance of fine lines and give you a fresh and youthful look.

After the treatment is completed, you will never have to worry about your lip pencils or lipsticks! You just need to add a bit of lip gloss to look beautiful and glamorous!

€500 this includes your top up after 6 weeks.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

lips monikaOur eyeliner treatment involves applying colour just above and between the lash line.With both our treatments, you can decide exactly how subtle or dramatic you want it to be to suit your own personal style. Our semi permanent Eyeliner is created from only the finest, medical grade mineral pigments which are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

Top liner €250 Bottom liner €180 both €400

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