Yon-Ka facial Treatments

Excellence code

Excellence code facialRestructuring – Redensifying – Replenishing
This luxurious collagen treatment incorporates shiatsu points to activate the deeper layers of the skin. Yon-Ka Paris’ patented CELL-ENERGY complex restructures & improves skin density, to encourage
a younger, smoother and firmer looking skin.



Hydralessence Face


Improves dry, dehydrated, stressed & tired skin

This intensely hydrating facial doubles your skins hydration levels by infusing the skin layers with 2 types of hyaluronic acid. Essential nutrients increase the skins defense levels and repairs the skin’s natural barrier function.
Particularly beneficial after sun exposure or thirsty skin in need of long lasting deep hydration.


Essential White Illuminating

Brightening – Rejuvenating – Pigmentation

-A brightening treatment to erase dark spots and unwanted pigmentation. Yon-Ka Paris use
their own special formula, a 30% Glycolic peel to stimulate collagen & activate cell renewal resulting in a more rejuvenated
and brighter skin. See a difference after just one treatment, but best results after a course of 4.


Time Resist stem cell

Anti-wrinkle -Anti-fatigue – Energising
Replenish your skin with powerful actives, 22 amino acids, stem cells, peptides & nutrients. This
energising treatment boosts elasticity and collagen to firm and reduce medium to deep lines and wrinkles. Clinical trials
prove a 12% reduction in wrinkles after only one treatment.


Le Grand Classique

Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial
This personalised facial targets all your skin concerns. It balances & remineralises your skin while
focusing on deep pore cleansing, with extractions. Ideal for all skin types who want to maintain a healthy, radiant skin.
€ 80.00

Sensitive skin

Pre and Probiotic skin recovery remedy

This calming & soothing treatment is especially designed for sensitized or skins struggling with redness
issues. Using a potent combination of pre & probiotics, antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, the skins natural
ability to cope with external & internal changes is supported and re-established. This results in reduced inflammation,
irritation and discomfort.



face1Resurfacing – Anti-wrinkle – Refining
A resurfacing and renewing facial with AHA’s to exfoliate away surface damaged & old cells resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles. When performed as a course of 4, your skin’s texture, tone and youthfulness will be restored.
Benefits all skin types.


Soin Teenager

A “phyto” cleansing treatment with astonishing efficiency to be used regularly in order to balance the adolescent or impure epidermis and prevent imperfections. Results : the skin that is purified, cleansed, soothed and balanced, it is clean and radiant. Soin Teenager is a vital priority for the beauty regimen and well-being of all adolescent affected by skin imperfections. To be performed on a regular basis from the onset of the acné and imperfections issues.

€ 65.00

Eclat Contour

Eye treatment: Plant active ingredients and specific techniques combine to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, tone eyelids and improve signs of fatigue. Results : a fresh glowing look. Advised for treatment or upkeep, and recommended from the 1st signs of fatigue, the contour treatment reduces wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness and dark circles whilst stimulating the tone of eyelids

€ 50.00

Escale Beaute

The beauty break. the face, neck and decollete are revived and restored with gentle exfoliating fruit gel, soothing lavender laced steam and an oxygenating herbal mask. Escale Beaute erases the signs of fatigue like magic – and all in just 40 minutes!
€ 50.00









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