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Jambes Toniques

Anti-fatigue treatment for legs. The Jambes Toniques treatment is the ultimate remedy for tired legs. Specific drainage massage using soothing, detoxifying essences is followed by a refreshing bandage wrap soaked in an aromatic oil fusion for instant relief.

€ 40.00


Aroma Stone Massage

Yon-Ka Aroma Stone combines the use of water heated basalt lava stones, frozen marble stones, traditional massage, aromatherapy and hot oil treatment. A deeper level of relaxation than that of a typical massage is achieved as it enables the therapist to work specific areas of the body whilst implementing continuous heat and relaxation.

Full Body hot stone massage: €85.00      

Full Body including a Yon-Ka mini-facial: €120.00   

Back,  neck &  shoulders using hot stones: €50.00


Indian Head Massage

A pressure point massage of the upper back, neck, scalp and face.

€ 45.00

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

This is a cleansing and exfoliating back treatment for dry or oily skin.

€ 50.00

Swedish back, neck & shoulder massage

A back neck and shoulders massage, designed to relieve stress and promote a sense of wellbeing.

(20mins)€ 35.00  (30mins) €45.00

Body Detox

Deep detoxifying herbal wrap. This beautiful treatment works specifically on removing toxins and improving circulation. Following a brisk massage using specific creams and concentrates, the body is tucked into a warm blanket for maximum comfort and effect. Body Detox uncovers radiant contours and smooth, toned skin.

€ 85.00


Lavish Foot Spa Treatment

Exfoliating and remineralising treatment for feet.

€ 45.00

Aroma Lux Massage

Relaxing body massage using aromatic oils.

€ 80.00

Swedish Body Massage

A top to toe massage, designed to relieve stress and promote a sense of wellbeing.

€ 75.00



St Tropez Self-Tanning Booth

The St. Tropez Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. Delivered in around 15 minutes, the spray is quick drying .

Full body: €35.00
Half Body:€25.00
Fortnightly top up tan – Full body: €25.00
Fortnightly top up tan – Half body: €20.00

Wild tan 3Wild Organic EXPRESS spray tan

Rapid developing tan which dries in seconds and can be showered off after 2 hrs for light tan and left longer for deeper glow.

Full body: €30

Half body: €20

Yon-Ka Autobronzant

All throughout the year, this Self-Bronzer for Face & Body gives you a natural, perfect and flattering glow without exposure to the sun.

Essential ingredients:  DHA, vegetable glycerin, lemon, passion fruit, shea butter, grain germ oils, rice bran oil, vitamin E.

The Yon-Ka autobronzant is a cream rub on tan, the result is a golden natural look. We recommend this tan for those of you with pale ‘Irish’ skin type.

Full body: €40.00
Half Body: €25.00

When having a tan applied it is advisable to wear loose fitting garments, preferably dark colours, and flip-flops. No moisturisers or deodorant on the skin. Do not shave or wax on the same day. Exfoliate before for best results.

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